The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued Decree 941/14 and Decree 2477/14, regarding  new regulations in Colombian immigration law for Mercosur Visa and Pacific Alliance Visa.

Decree 941, 2014 formally includes the Mercosur visa (TP-15 visa) in Colombian immigration regulation. Mercosur visa is a temporary residence permit that may be granted by the immigration authorities for up to two years, and which allows foreigners who apply to this visa to perform any of the following occupations or activities: home activities, studies, be hired by any Colombia employer or render independent services. Currently, this visa is granted to nationals from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Resolution 0532 of 2015 regulated the required documents for the application of this type of visa. The main requirement is a Criminal Record Certificate issued by the competent authority of the country of origin or the last place of residence where the Foreigner has remained the last three years. 

The mentioned Resolution also stated that foreigner who hold a Mercosur visa for at least two (2) continued and uninterrupted years can apply for a residence visa (RE visa). For this application, they would need to submit the certificate of immigration background issued with an advance no further of three years (3) and a document that certificate their source of income in Colombia.

Furthermore, Decree 2477, 2014 formally included the Pacific Alliance visa (TP-16 visa) in Colombian immigration regulation. This visa can be issued for foreign nationals of the Chile, Peru and Mexico that apply for the program of holidays and work that promotes the expansion of recreation and culture.