Office of the State Council has issued the notice of Consumer Goods Standard and Quality Improvement Plan (Year 2016- Year 2020) (“Plan”) on September 6, 2016. According to the Plan, standards and quality of clothing and accessories goods is one of the key areas to be improved. Its detailed targets include: 

i. to adapt to the developing demand of individuation of consumption, fashion consumption, quality consumption and brand consumption;

ii. to consolidate traditional advantage status of textile garments, leather bags and other goods; 

iii. to accelerate the technological innovation and industrial upgrading of jewellery, watches and clocks, glasses, hair products and other goods;

iv. to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, and enhance the ability of innovation and creative design;

v. to promote the 3D body measurement, digital fitting, product traceability, wearable clothing and other new technologies;

vi. to develop common standards of the whole process of service and manufacturing;

vii. to boot apparel production enterprises paying attention to local advantages;

viii. to expand the industries of personalized customization, scale customization and high-end customization, with the precision design, precision production, accurate service to win the consumer market; 

ix. to optimize and improve the standard system, and to develop key technical standards;

x. to improve the requirements of new fiber, high-quality cotton wool, silk cashmere leather and other high-quality materials;

xi. to regulate the functional requirements of waterproof, windproof and thermal insulation, antibacterial and; and

xii. to manufacture high-end products.