FCA and Treasury have launched a call for input seeking views on how to improve customer access to financial advice. The consultation focuses on:

  • what kind of financial advice consumers want;
  • whether there are gaps between the financial advice that consumers want and the financial advice that they can access and afford;
  • how these gaps can be closed; and
  • what role technology, such as “robo-advice”, could play in improving access to financial advice.As a related exercise, Treasury is seeking input on the demand for public financial guidance. It asks:
    • how much demand there is for the public provision of debt, pensions and general money guidance;
    • how the provision of public financial guidance should be structured and funded; and
    • how the government can make the provision of public financial guidance more effective for consumers.

The consultations close on 22 December, and there will be a final report before the 2016 Budget. (Source: FCA and Treasury Seek Advice Views and Treasury Seeks Public Financial Guidance Views)