Well, another ILG National Conference is in the books. This year’s conference highlighted the continued return to a more collaborative relationship between contractors and OFCCP as well as the agency’s commitment to its four principles.

On the final day of the conference, attendees heard from practitioners as well as a panel of OFCCP Regional Directors, Office of the Solicitor , OFCCP leadership, and again from Director Leen who closed out the conference with a short Question & Answer session.

The Regional Directors and Solicitor panel shared information on OFCCP’s New Student Worker FAQ as well as the agency’s treatment of foreign nationals during audits. They also discussed the available guidance on pre-employment testing and the status of current training being provided to Compliance Officers to get them prepared to undertake Focused Reviews.

The panel also credited contractors for improving the timeliness of submissions while also acknowledging that improvements can still be made in recordkeeping. They also encouraged contractors to do more “cross training of employees.”

In his closing comments to the conference, Director Leen discussed his intent behind the ability to obtain an extension during an audit with the timely submission of a contractors affirmative action plan as well as the expectation contractors should be receiving, proactively, information from compliance officers as to any findings at the end of the desk audit.

In the area of “breaking news” Director Leen announced OFCCP’s has completed its search for an Ombudsperson, who will start the position on Monday, August 5, 2019. And finally, he shared with conference-goers that he has instructed OFCCP staff to review parental leave policies for equity. This is a good reminder for contractors to review OFCCP’s FAQs on the matter.

All-in-all this year’s conference seems to be a success. There is a lot on the agenda for OFCCP and, if the conference is any indication, the relationship between the Agency and contractors seems to be headed back in the right direction.