Treasury released its most recent completed transactions report last week. Seven financial institutions repaid a total of $445,936,000 to repurchase preferred stock and warrants issued to Treasury under the Capital Purchase Program (CPP), bringing the total number of firms repaying at least some portion of Treasury’s CPP investment to 20. Treasury’s total outstanding investment (net of repayment) under the CPP is now $197,541,741,000. The report also shows the completion of a $6.943 billion loan under the Automotive Industry Financing Program to New CarCo Acquisition LLC – the new Chrysler entity. Additionally, a $360,624,198 loan was made to General Motors Corporation (GM) to capitalize GM Warranty LLC, a special purpose vehicle created by GM. This amount brings Treasury’s total loan amount to GM to $19,760,624,198, although in connection with GM’s bankruptcy filing today Treasury will convert a substantial portion of the outstanding debt to equity interests.