• Nigeria’s outgoing President signed new immigration legislation that will replace the 1963 Immigration Act. Among other items, the new law imposes stricter penalties for non-compliance on employers and foreign nationals, and it establishes a new immigration court.
  • In general, any violation of the new law will result in one year in prison and/or a fine that typically ranges from NGN 50,000 (~USD 251) to NGN 2 million (~USD 10,053). Specifically, companies that fail to file their expatriate quota monthly returns will be fined USD 5,000 while a company’s failure to renew its expatriate quota before expiry will result in a fine of USD 15,000.

The new law also establishes new immigration courts at recognized ports of entry in order to provide swift resolution to immigration matters. Foreign nationals may now be held for up to 90 days, an increase from the 1963 law, which stipulated a maximum holding period of 60 days.