On September 5th, the SEC approved NYSE Arca Equities' proposed amendment of Rule 7.31(h) to add a PL Select Order. The PL Select Order would be a subset of a Passive Liquidity Order. NYSE Arca Equities Rule 7.31(h)(7) would define the PL Select Order as a PL Order that would not interact with an incoming order that: (i) has an immediate-or-cancel ("IOC") time in force condition, (ii) is an ISO, or (iii) is larger than the size of the PL Select Order. The PL Select Order would otherwise, except for the specified restrictions on trading with certain incoming orders, operate as a PL Order and retain its standing in execution priority among PL Orders. In the instances when an incoming order meets one of the PL Select Order restrictions, the PL Select Order would not interact with the incoming order and could be traded through. SEC Release No. 34-67785.