In the April 2015 issue of our KASS IP exposé, we ran a brief news update on Cambodia acceding to the Madrid Protocol, effective 5th June 2015. But in case you missed it, and you’re wondering, should you or your clients designate Cambodia? Here’s the not-so-short answer:

Yes, if your clients are involved in the following industries: garments, tourism, rubber, wood, cement, construction and agriculture.

Cambodia has a population of roughly 15.5 million and is one of the Asian countries with low labour costs. It also has a very liberal foreign investment policy where investors can own 100% foreign ownership in their ventures set up in the country.

With its strategic location between Thailand and Vietnam (both upcoming and fastdeveloping economies), and with access to India and China, trade between countries in Asia is convenient, making Cambodia a noteworthy economy for those intending to expand and protect their interests in Asia.

So as 5th June approaches, we hope this helps put some perspective into your decisions!