US semiconductor manufacturers and makers of other electronic products have expressed concern that Export Administration Regulations (EAR) export controls may capture new products that incorporate encryption capabilities, where previously those products could be freely shipped without licenses. In a letter to the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) Acting Assistant Secretary Matthew Borman, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) and several major chip makers urged BIS to clarify its current encryption regulation so that microprocessors that are currently classified as EAR99 and not subject to export restrictions do not risk being captured under Category 5 Part 2 controls due to the inclusion of encryption. SIA and other industry members argue that subjecting these products to the onerous licensing, notification and/or reporting requirements applicable to Category 5 Part 2 products threatens to adversely impact US hardware security innovation. Director of the BIS Information Technology Division Randall Pratt has stated that BIS is considering the issues raised in the letter.