The Minister for Justice Equality and Law Reform has published the European Communities (European Order for Payment) Regulations 2008 . The Regulations are effective from 12 December 2008.

The Regulations set out the effect on domestic legislation of Regulation 1896/2006 creating a European Order for payment procedure. The Regulations amend Section 25 of Courts and Court Officers Act 1995. The Master of the High Court is designated as the authority through which the procedures will operate in this jurisdiction.

Regulation 1896/2006 allows creditors to recover uncontested civil and commercial claims before the Courts of the Member States according to a uniform procedure that operates on the basis of standard forms.

The Minister has also published the European Communities (European Small Claims Procedure) Regulations 2008. The Regulations set out the effect on Irish legislation of Regulation 861/2007 establishing a European small claims procedure and make the necessary provisions for the good administration of the Regulation.