The United States Supreme Court is taking up a case about a cake that concerns non-discrimination laws and religious objections.  Colorado, like many states including New York, has a law prohibiting discrimination against individuals due to, among other things, sexual orientation.  In Masterpiece Cakeshop vs. Colorado Civil Rights Commission a baker in Colorado has refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex marriage on religious grounds.

Attorneys for the baker, and some religious groups, argue that the cake is in fact art and is therefore protected free speech.  They further argue that providing the cake would be akin to an endorsement of same-sex marriage something the baker states he cannot do in good conscience due to religious beliefs.

The ACLU, gay rights groups and the same-sex couple denied a cake by Masterpiece Cakeshop argue that the refusal to bake a cake is akin to “hanging a heterosexuals only” sign outside the bake shop.  Further, these groups argue that if a baker can refuse a same-sex couple as a free speech issue then others could refuse on similar grounds such as a photographer.

The Supreme Court justices have signaled this will be a difficult decision. MuniBlog will, of course, update subscribers when a decision is rendered in this case.