5.4.2009 In Chairman Mary L. Schapiro’s address to the Mutual Fund Directors Forum, she touched on several areas that the SEC would be addressing in the near future: (1) a re-examination of the “uptick rule” that came from the Depression era and was eliminated in July 2007, as well as the abusiveness of short sale selling activity; (2) access to corporate proxies to ensure that a company’s owners have a meaningful opportunity to nominate directors to corporate boards; (3) instilling investor confidence in money market funds and the Commission’s forthcoming proposal in June; (4) target date funds and what needs to be disclosed regarding their “glide paths” and the assumption underlying those paths; and (5) forthcoming Rule 12b-1 reform.

Click http://www.sec.gov/news/speech/2009/spch050409mls.htm to access Chairman Schapiro’s full remarks.