Prime minister calls for further Brexit delay

  • May says the extension would be “as short as possible” and would end once a deal was struck.
  • The Prime Minister is offering to sit down with the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, to come up with a plan to leave with a deal. But she says that deal must include her withdrawal agreement.


MPs to table emergency bill forcing May to request Brexit delay

  • Labour’s Yvette Cooper to table bill aiming to ensure UK cannot exit EU with no deal by default
  • A cross-party group, opposed to a no-deal Brexit, will bring forward a bill requiring the prime minister to put forward a proposal to extend article 50 to ensure the UK cannot leave the bloc with no deal by default.


UK cabinet in crisis talks over Brexit deadlock

  • Theresa May’s cabinet convened for crisis talks today amid warnings from Britain’s top civil servant that a no-deal Brexit would cause severe economic, security and political disruption.
  • A possible snap general election was one of the discussion points.


UK companies would see public-procurement lockout for weeks under no-deal Brexit

  • British companies will be frozen out of global public procurement contracts for up to a month after a no-deal Brexit, with the UK government holding out on applying to join a global treaty.
  • It has not yet applied for independent membership of the Government Procurement Agreement, preferring to wait and see whether a no-deal Brexit will happen.