Cybersecurity got a boost from the federal government in the 2015 federal budget that was tabled yesterday.  The budget proposes to provide $36.4 million over five years, starting in 2015–16, to support the government’s efforts to ensure Canada’s “vital” cyber systems remain safe and reliable.  In doing so, the budget states that : “Canadians are embracing the many advantages that the Internet offers, but our increasing reliance on cyber technologies makes us more vulnerable to those who would seek to attack and undermine our digital infrastructure and threaten our national security, economic prosperity and way of life.”  The new legislation will require operators of vital cyber systems to implement cyber security plans, meet robust security outcomes for their systems and report cyber security incidents to the Government of Canada.

The budget funding is intended to provide enhanced support to operators through the development and dissemination of cyber security tools, security information and expertise to implement the new legislation.

The funding shows the federal government’s commitment to the cybersecurity plan it announced in 2010. While the funding is spread over five years, hopefully it will encourage more Canadian businesses to make cybersecurity initiatives a priority.