The article, “Are They Students? Or Are They Employees? NLRB Rules That Graduate Students Are Employees.” featured in The Washington Post, shed light on the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) recent decision, in which they ruled that graduate students who work as teaching and research assistants at private universities are school employees, clearing the way for them to join or form unions that administrators must recognize.

Joe Ambash weighed in on the ruling.

“If a union is allowed to bargain about what teaching and research assistants do, that would in effect be interfering with the educational requirement of many of these schools,” said Joe, a Boston attorney who filed the brief on behalf of the schools and represented Brown in 2004. “That would have a dramatic impact on higher education.”

Joe said the board is opening the door to the full panoply of rights provided under collective bargains and the effect will change the relationship between private sector universities and their students. He said universities can challenge the board’s decision in court.