In a public hearing of the Bundestag committee “Digitale Agenda“, German data protection experts from the state, the industry and academia have taken an overall positive view of the coming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Federal Data Protection Officer, Andrea Voßhoff, stated that in spite of her detailed critique the GDPR would ensure a high level of protection. Data-based business models would remain possible, although their legality needed to be assessed in every individual case.

Dagmar Hartge, the Brandenburg Data Protection Officer, complimented the principle of lex loci solutionis (law of the place where relevant performance occurs) contained in the GDPR as it will bind non-European companies to the EU data protection law and foster fair competition.

The representative of the internet industry criticized the GDPR for not creating incentives for the use of pseudonymised data. The representative of academia found that the GDPR was lowering German data protection standards. This could, however, be compensated for by the wide scope that the GDPR leaves for member state  implementation.

Press release (in German)