- Withholdings and contributions to Social Security System. Resolution no. 200/2019 - National Social Security Administration

By means of Executive Order no. 110/18 (which came in force to regulate Law no. 27,426) the National Social Security Administration (the "ANSES", for its Spanish acronym) is in charge of establishing the minimum and maximum caps applicable to Social Security withholdings for the individuals under employment relationships.

In this context, please note that Resolution 200/2019, recently issued by the ANSES, updates the maximum and minimum caps set forth in article 9 of Law no. 24, 241, which are respectively AR$ 146,246.86 and AR$ 4,499.95.

Those caps are applicable as from the accrued period of September 2019, and therefore, must be taken into account in the preparation of the monthly sworn declaration of withholdings and contributions to the social security (F-931 Form) to be filed during the first days of October 2019.