With the resolution n. 262 of 20 September 2012, the Italian Privacy Authority has provided some indications relating to the laws and regulations applicable to the processing of personal data in relation to legal persons, entities and associations.  The resolution has been published following the partial abrogation of some provisions contained in Part I of the Personal Data Protection Code (hereinafter the “Code”), entitled “General Provisions”, under article no 40, second paragraph, of Law Decree no. 201 of 6 December 2011 (also known as “Save Italy Decree”), converted into Law no. 214 of 22 December 2011.

In particular, under the above mentioned resolution, the Authority pointed out that, despite the changes made to the Code by “Save Italy Decree”, Chapter 1 of Title X of the Code continues to apply to legal persons, entities and associations.

Source: Garante per la protezione dei dati personali