Have you heard the saying, "Drink more coffee, do stupid things faster with more energy?" Along those lines, I think the theme of this week's events is "Use technology, do stupid things faster with greater ease."

Example #1: the DNR employee who accessed more than 5,000 driving records without authorization. This could prove to be a costly mistake, because one of the data-breach victims has filed a potential class action lawsuit against the (now ex) employee, the DNR, the Department of Public Safety, and commissioners of those agencies.

Example #2: the HMV employee who hijacked the company's Twitter account to protest the large layoffs announced this morning. Local media were able to capture the angry tweets before the company had a chance to regain control of the account and delete the unwanted activity. The fallout from these actions? HMV will have to deal with the embarrassment and negative publicity, and the employee might have trouble finding another job if his or her identity is ever discovered. Let this serve as a lesson for us all: the faster and easier technology makes communication, the more important it is to take a step back and think before hitting that send button.