On April 10, 2013, Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) issued a Withdrawal on Notice (WON) to College Prep Academy. Upon issuance of the WON, SEVP indicated that the school is no longer certified to enroll nonimmigrant students and Designated School Officials (DSO) at the school no longer have access to the SEVIS system. SEVP indicated that College Prep Academy nonimmigrant students have 30 days from April 10, 2013 to either: 1. Seek transfer to another SEVP-certified school; or 2) If the student is unable or unwilling to transfer, the student must depart the United States. Initial students who have not yet entered the United States will not be admitted into the United States using the school's Form I-20. SEVP indicated that students currently attending the school must continue to attend their full course of studies at the school until their transfer release date to another SEVP-certified school in order to maintain their status.

This is the second school that has been issued a WON within the past year by SEVP. In August 2012, SEVP issued a WON to PC Tech Learning Center.