Alberta Electric Systems Operator (AESO) forecasts the province will spend $13.5 billion in the next decade to keep pace with growth in electricity demand. Within 20 years, Alberta will require 13,000 megawatts of new generation capacity, with much of the growth fuelled by oilsands developments.

However, AESO reduced the province's planned expenditures by $1 billion compared to its 2009 draft budget by eliminating or reducing the scale of certain projects. In the latest forecast, $8.3 billion will be committed towards 50 regional projects serving 200 customer connections. The remaining $5.2 will be directed towards four transmission infrastructure projects outlined in The Electric Statutes Amendment Act, 2009.

As well, earlier plans for two North-to-South high voltage direct current lines between Edmonton and southern Alberta will be scaled down, leaving the option to build up as demand requires.