The ICM registry is now selling “yourcompany.XXX” domain names. The .XXX domain is intended, as the suffix infers, to be used by the Adult Entertainment industry, allowing clearer identification of these sites and to protect and alert other internet users to the potential content of the website in question.

However, unless you act quickly, you could find someone registers your brand as a .XXX domain name to display adult content. You have until 28 October to prevent this.

As a trade mark holder, there is a formal process to block the domain from being purchased by any other person or business by paying a one-time fee that lasts as long as your trade marks are valid. However, you only have until 28 October.

The issue of brand identity and trade mark protection is critical in the modern business world and especially on the internet. Having an online presence has become increasingly common and paramount to a business’s success and it has become ever more important to protect that online presence, your business brand and reputation.

As such, we would encourage you to consider pre-registering to block the use of any .XXX that could aim to use your trade mark/s.