On September 16, the CFPB announced a field hearing on credit cards to be held on October 2, in Chicago, IL. The event, which is open to members of the public who RSVP, will feature remarks from CFPB Director Richard Cordray, as well as testimony from consumer groups and industry representatives.

In the past, the CFPB has made policy announcements in connection with field hearings. In this case, the hearing could be related to the CFPB’s study of credit card issues, as required by the 2009 Credit CARD Act. Section 502 of that act requires the CFPB to prepare a study every two years on: (i) the terms of credit card agreements and the practices of credit card issuers; (ii) the effectiveness of disclosure of terms, fees, and other expenses of credit card plans; (iii) the adequacy of protections against unfair or deceptive acts or practices relating to credit card plans; and (iv) whether or not, and to what extent, the implementation of the act has affected cost and availability of credit, the safety and soundness of credit card issuers, the use of risk-based pricing, or credit card product innovation.

The hearing also could relate to the CFPB’s ongoing arbitration agreement study. Director Cordray testified last week that, in connection with that study, the CFPB “very recently” exercised its authority under Dodd-Frank Act Sec. 1022 to order “a number of companies” to provide template consumer credit agreements.