The PTS began offering on a national basis the new internet service "" (translates roughly as "") in December 2010, to prevent excavation-related damage to communications and power cables. The service co-ordinates information on the geo-whereabouts of cables of some 131 cable owners, primarily telecom network operators, utility companies and cable-TV networks.

It is not uncommon that buried cables are damaged during excavation work. A broken cable often disrupts services related to electricity, water mains, telephony and the internet. Since telecoms and internet traffic cross many borders, the consequences of such a damaged cable may be substantial. Aside from the potential loss and disruption to the community, the party which causes such damage may be required to pay damages.

The PTS first launched the internet service on 7 September 2009 in the city of Uppsala, and then nationally on 1 December 2010.

The web-based service provides anyone with free information about where buried cables are to be located. The information is added by a variety of cable owners connected to the website. On the website's map it is possible highlight a relevant area with one square kilometre accuracy, whereupon the service interprets which cable owners are affected and then sends an automatically generated query to all the relevant parties.