After having called the NOIP to undertake significant procedural reforms in order to enhance scientific and technological innovations in Vietnam, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam held a meeting with NOIP leaders on 29th of September to stress the need for a specific plan for restructuring of the application procedure, IP administrative management and authority collaboration necessary in order to become one of the top ASEAN nations with regard to intellectual property protection.

One of the most important tasks before the NOIP might be the integration of IT platforms which would enable electronic applications and electronic communication between the NOIP examiners and the applicants and their IP representatives. This long awaited measure was greeted in NOIP as well; Mr. Le Huy Anh, Head of Patent No.2 Division of the NOIP said that with implementation of the suggested measures and integrating information technology to the process, the NOIP would be able to receive electronic applications and improve the application procedure speed by the end of 2016.