Auction power transmission

  • SUBJECT: The Brazilian government plans to auction power transmission projects
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The auction aims to make available all of the projects that failed to attract investments in 2014 as well as those planned for 2015. It is expected to offer greater flexibility over project deadlines and new rules to determine pricing and licenses
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: ANEEL (Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency)
  • STATUS: it is due to begin in June and the auction is currently in a planning stage

A-3 power auction

  • SUBJECT: A-3 power auction
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The round will include hydroelectric, biomass, natural gas and wind generation projects. Hydroelectric contracts will be negotiated over a 30-year term while those involving all other sources will be bound by 20-year agreements. All plants auctioned in the round are scheduled to begin operating in January 2018
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: ANEEL (Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency)
  • STATUS: Energy developers have been given a 10 February deadline to express interest and the bidding process will take place on 24 June


Wind farm development plan

  • SUBJECT: Plan to develop wind farms with expected investments of US$ 14 billion over the next four years
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Mexico has launched a wind farm development plan to build eight wind farms over the next three years, with a combined generation capacity of 2,300 MW. The aim is to build wind farms with a capacity of 9,000 MW, covering 10% of the country's current demand. The plan is part of the energy reform brought in by the Mexican government aimed at implementing other technologies and strengthening the electricity system. Mexico currently has 2,551 MW of installed wind capacity and, according to the country's wind energy association (Amdee), will add 732 MW this year with six wind farms that are under construction
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: SENER (energy secretary) and CEE (Federal Electricity Commission)
  • STATUS: the project is in the study phase and will roll out over the next four years  


Panamá will tender 700 MW of thermal energy: The Secretariat for Energy announced that the tender would be conducted in two stages, in February and May 2015, each for 350 MW and tendering supply contracts spanning 10 and 15 years, respectively

  • SUBJECT: Panamá will tender 700 MW of thermal energy: The Secretariat for Energy announced that the tender would be conducted in two stages, in February and May 2015, each for 350 MW and tendering supply contracts spanning 10 and 15 years, respectively
    • The first will be called in February 2015 for 350MW of primary power and associated energy, to come on line in 2017 for a period of 10 years
    • The second will be called in May 2015 for 350MW of primary power and associated energy, to come on line in 2018 for a period of 15 years
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: Secretaría Nacional de Energía de Panamá (National Energy Secretariat of Panama)
  • STATUS: First half of 2015
    • 1st phase: February 2015
    • 2nd phase: May 2015



Bidding for new transmission infrastructure in the south of the country

  • SUBJECT: Tender of the 220 kV Azangaro - Juliaca - Puno Transmission Line
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The concession will be awarded under the comprehensive project bid format, ie, the awardee will be responsible for the design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of the project. At the end of the concession period, the line will be transferred to the Peruvian State. The line will have a length of over 110 km and a capacity of 450 MVA
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: Ministerio de Energía y Minas. Organismo Supervisor de la Inversión en Energía y Minería – OSINERGMIN (Ministry of Energy and Mining, Energy and Mining Investments Supervisory Body)
  • STATUS: Preparation phase
  • PROJECT TYPE: Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  • TERM OF CONTRACT: 30 years

First phase of the Carapongo substation

  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The construction of the 500/220kV Carapongo substation and connections to existing lines Callahuanca-Cajamarquilla, Huinco-Santa Rosa and Chilca-Carabayllo
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: OSINERGMIN/ Private investment promotion agency: ProInversión
  • STATUS: The deadline to pay the participation fee and submit qualification documents is March 6, with offers and awarding pencilled in for April
  • PROJECT TYPE: Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  • TERM OF CONTRACT: 30 years

Quillabamba Thermal Power Plant tender

  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The construction of thermal power station with a capacity of 200 MW which should be located in the town of Quillabamba, Cuzco. The project plans to design a scheme that promotes the participation of private investment in the design, financing, construction, operation and financing a thermal power plant. There are technical, financial and legal requirements (capacity, term, among others) specified in the final Bidding Documents
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: The Peruvian government, through the Private Investment Promotion Agency –
  • PROINVERSIÓN, will call an international public tender for the transfer the development of "Quillabamba thermal power plant" project to the private sector
  • ESTIMATED INVESTMENT: US$ 200 million STATUS: The process is open, the deadline is on June 2015
  • PROJECT TYPE: Public Private Partnership (PPP) TERM OF CONTRACT:Tto be confirmed


Power Supply from New Hydroelectric Plants

  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Selection of one or more bidders for energy supply intended to the Electricity Public Service, with fixed prices for 1200 MW, which will have to begin commercial operation from year 2020-2021. Bidders will sign an investment commitment contract to build a new power plant. The government wishes to promote 1200 MW hydroelectric plant projects entering into commercial operation from 2020 - 2021
  • STATUS: Pending
  • PROJECT TYPE: The project is defined as self-sustainable, meaning that the necessary investments to build and operate the plants will be financed by business revenues


  • SUBJECT: Wind farm study tender
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Uruguay has launched a tender to prepare a pre-feasibility study for a planned 35-40MW wind farm in the country's eastern region. Uruguay's operational wind capacity stood at 340MW at end-October, according to MIEM, with another 703MW under construction by private companies, while an additional 533MW of UTE (State power utility) wind projects were being built as of April
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM)
  • STATUS: Offers can be submitted until 6 February



Brazil's 13th oil & gas licensing round

  • DESCRIPTION: Brazil is preparing a new oil auction, it's thirteenth. The last round was held in 2014. Brazil's 13th oil and gas licensing round will include areas within the so-called Eastern Margin, spanning Rio Grande do Sul in the south to Rio Grande do Norte in the northeast. The government is working to create attractive conditions for foreign companies as it looks to attract substantial investment and the sector's leading players
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: ANP (National Agency of Petroleum)
  • STATUS: the government will make an announcement at the end of the January, and the terms and conditions of the auction are expected to be issued in the first six months of 2015  


Mexico´s first oil & gas auction

  • DESCRIPTION:The first round will auction 19,945 billion barrels of oil equivalent (BOE), divided into five tenders; the first has just been published, in which 14 shallow water blocks will be auctions.

The first tender includes the international auction of 14 shallow water blocks, which will be auctioned among private sector companies. The tender will be for shared production contracts and it is expected that the areas – which have total prospective deposits of 686.6 million barrels BOE – will contain light crude.The terms and conditions for the first call to Round 12 include the details of the procedure and the content of the tender, as well as the calendar and formats for bids (non-disclosure agreement, letter of credit to secure the offer and the economic offer), the contractual areas, minimum work programme and the contractual model that will be signed with the awardee

  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: The tender will be coordinated and managed by the Tender Committee, consisting of public officials from the CNH – including a coordinator and a secretary – and will be conducted in Spanish
    • On 15 June the definitive terms and conditions will be published
    • On 15 July: receipt of economic offers, which will take place in a public event
    • From 15 to 17 July: awarding and execution of agreements

Click here to see our e- bulletin on the Mexico´s first oil & gas auction published on 19 December  



  • DESCRIPTION: Peru has announced that it will hold a round in 2015. The auction will include the following blocks: 164 (638,652ha, Marañón basin, Loreto region); 169 (491,892ha, Ucayali, Ucayali); 175 (514,801ha, Ucayali, Ucayali-Junín); 187 (408,117ha, Madre de Dios, Madre de Dios); 189 (681,821ha, Ucayali, Ucayali); 195 (340,703ha, Ucayali, Ucayali-Huánuco-Pasco); and 199 (474,130ha, Marañón, Loreto) C
  • ONTRACTING ENTITY: PERUPETRO (Peru's hydrocarbons development agency)
  • STATUS: It is expected that the details of the auction will be published the next month  



  • DESCRIPTION: Uruguay has announced that it will hold a round in 2015. This will be the country's third round. Offshore blocks will be auctioned in this round - four deepwater and seven shallow-water - in the country's Punta del Este-Atlantic basin.
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: ANCAP (national energy company)
  • STATUS: Pending for this year