Australian Taxation Office

New or updated materials on ATO website, including:

  • GSTR 2015/2: Development lease arrangements with government agencies.
  • TD 2015/D2: Assessability of amount received by retiring partner.
  • TD 2015/D3: Division 7A: When applying the deemed dividend rules in relation to a loan, the lodgment day of a private company that is a subsidiary member of a consolidated group is taken to be the lodgment day of the head company of the consolidated group.
  • Addenda and erratum to rulings were released yesterday.

Common Reporting Standard

The Treasurer has confirmed that Australia yesterday signed the common reporting standard (CRS) Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement which enables automatic exchange of CRS information between countries. Australia will implement the CRS from 1 January 2017 with the first exchange of information in 2018.

Superannuation Guarantee

report from the Australian National Audit Office on the effectiveness of the ATO's activities to promote employer compliance with Superannuation Guarantee obligations was tabled in Parliament. The report makes four recommendations (all agreed to by the ATO), including better analysis of non-compliance and emphasising the ATO's role in enforcing compliance in communication and marketing activities.

Progress of Bills

The following Bills were debated yesterday in the House of Representatives, debate was adjourned:

New Bills introduced in Parliament

Legislative instruments

The following legislative instruments requiring lodgment of 2015 income tax returns and statements were registered yesterday: