It has been alleged by former Director of General Police, Mr R..B Sreekumar, that chief minister, Mr Narendra Modi, cleared the use of secret service funds to derail a public interest litigation in the Supreme Court for fear it would damage Mr Modi and his government.  

Social activist, Ms Sarabhai, claimed that the state administration were involved in the 2002 communal riots. Mr Modi allegedly asked Mr Sreekumar and IPS officer Mr Sanjir Bhatt to pay Ms Sarabhai’s lawyers Rs10 lakh from a secret service fund in order to have the petition dismissed.  

According to Mr Sreekumar, the chief minister and his office had made multiple attempts to manipulate the riot investigation and subvert the process of justice. Mr Sreekumar claimed that the Supreme Court appointed a special investigation team (SIT) who were biased and that the government had tried to tutor him when summoned to give evidence by the Nanavati commission.  

Mr Sreekumar said “It is unfortunate that the SIT has failed to do justice with the victims. The riots could not have taken place without the connivance of the police but the SIT has so far nabbed only one police inspector whose guilt was minimal. The real culprits have never been arrested”.