Discipline and termination

State procedures

Are there state-specific laws on the procedures employers must follow with regard to discipline and grievance procedures?

No state-specific law controls discipline or grievance procedures in Pennsylvania. Of course, if the employee is a union member, the applicable collective bargaining agreement would set the parameters for those actions.

At-will or notice

At-will status and/or notice period?

Pennsylvania is an at-will employment state, meaning that an employee can leave or be separated from employment for any reason or no reason.

What restrictions apply to the above?

Employment can be ended at any time, so long as that reason is not based on the employee’s protected characteristic(s) nor is in contravention of public policy (e.g. firing an employee because he or she has filed a workers’ compensation claim). 

Final paychecks

Are there state-specific rules on when final paychecks are due after termination?

The Pennsylvania Wage Payment and Collection Law states that whenever an employee is separated from employment, the wages or compensation earned "shall become due and payable not later than the next regular payday of his employer on which such wages would otherwise be due and payable".