On 20 December 2012 NTCU approved the Decision defining the amounts of the fines which may be imposed on the “program services” providers (providers of radio and television services as well as internet providers) for the violation of the applicable laws in the field of television and radio broadcasting (Decision on Fines). The Decision on Fines has entered into effect.

The Decision on Fines establishes a formula for the calculation of the level of fines for violation of various provisions of the law of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting by the providers of the “program services”. According to this formula, the precise proportion of the fine is determined depending on the type of violation as well as depending on the proportion of the population residing within the territory where the “programme service” is rendered by the provider.

To access the Decision on Fines, please go to:

http://www.nrada.gov.ua/ua/rishennya/13847/17514/17515.html (Ukrainian only)