On August 1, 2013, the Federal Circuit issued the following Statement: “Model orders concerning e-discovery and limitations on claims and prior art were posted on the court’s website.  Those orders have now been removed since the court has not sponsored or endorsed the orders.  In light of the court’s determination, the advisory council should not be viewed as having sponsored or endorsed these orders on behalf of the court.”  The statement appeared after the Advisory Council’s July 22 publication of a Model Order Limiting Excess Patent Claims And Prior Art (“Limitations Model Order”), adopted a phased approach to limiting the number of asserted claims and prior art references:  In the first phase, plaintiffs must select 10 claims per patent, and 32 claims total, 40 days after production of “core” technical documents, while defendants are limited to 12 prior art references per patent and 40 references total.  After a claim construction order issues, plaintiffs must select 5 claims per patent, and not more than 16 total, while defendants must select 6 prior art references and 20 references total.  The Advisory Council’s 2011 E Discovery Model Order proposing limitations on e-discovery, including on the number of record custodians and search terms for e-mail production, had been adopted by many courts.  The Advisory Council’s Model Order Committee includes Federal Circuit Chief Judge Rader, several Article III judges, and ITC ALJ Essex.