It has been reported that Nigeria’s FIFA executive committee member Mr Amos Adamu is alleged to have offered to sell his vote in the contest to host the 2018 Football World Cup. An undercover investigation by the UK’s Sunday Times alleged that Amos Adamu asked for $800,000 to endorse one of the bid candidates. The newspaper filmed him meeting with undercover journalists posing as lobbyists for a United States business consortium, in which he apparently offered a “guarantee” to vote for the US bid in the 2018 event in return for cash.

The newspaper is also reported to have said that Mr Reynald Temarii, a FIFA Vice-President and President of the Oceania Football Confederation, wanted $2.3 million for a sports academy. He allegedly said that supporters of two bid committees had already offered Oceania money to swing his vote.

A FIFA statement said the body had requested access to the material gleaned in the newspaper probe and would investigate the matter. Any deals during the bidding process are strictly forbidden under FIFA’s rules. However, according to the Sunday Times, six senior officials, past and present, had told reporters that paying bribes offered their best chance at securing the event.

Amos Adamu and Reynald Temarii remain provisionally suspended by FIFA while its Ethics Committee investigates allegations that they offered to sell their vote. Both Adamu and Temarii have protested their innocence.