Employers throughout a range of sectors are increasingly encouraging their staff to use social media in the workplace to engage with customers, demonstrate expertise and promote their organisation. However, with reports of employees blurring the lines between personal and professional content in the digital world, there is a rising pressure for businesses leaders to implement clear policy on best practice.

Rachel, a 16-year old work placement student at DMH Stallard has outlined the key web sites she uses in our post Generation Z loves social media. Not surprisingly, social media features highly. With future employees used to accessing these sites on a fairly regular basis, companies should ensure they have a policy covering staff use of social media including a maximum recommended amount of time to spend on social media activities during working hours. Also, organisation should include social media training as part of their overall induction program on how to set up profiles on websites such as LinkedIn and which online discussions the employee should look to participate in. Although policy making in the area of social media can be difficult, the creation of clear rules from the start can save time and money for organisations later.