All telecom undertakings registered in Poland have until March 31st to submit regulatory filings to the Polish regulator – the President of the Office of Electronic Communications (OEC). The filings in question are:

  • Yearly reports on telecom activities. The forms to be used have changed recently. As of January 2015 telecom undertakings should file yearly reports on telecom activities on forms introduced by the Regulation of the Minister of Administration and Digitization of 10 December 2014 on model forms for the transmission of data on telecommunications activities,
  • Information on telecom infrastructure and telecommunication services, to be submitted online through the SIIS system. The information to be submitted is set out in the Regulation of the Ministry of Administration and Digitization of February 24, 2014 on inventory of infrastructure and telecom services.

Other standard obligations imposed on telecom undertakings under the Polish Telecommunications Law include:

  • Submission of yearly data retention report to the OEC (due in January),
  • Submission of financial statements to the OEC (due in June),
  • Preparation, updating and submission of emergency action plans to the OEC.

Non-compliance with these regulatory obligations may result in possible fines from the OEC (up to 3% of company’s revenues). Hence it is crucial that the said obligations are fulfilled timely and accurately. To our knowledge, in 2014 the OEC initiated a large number of proceedings for non-compliance.