The Tribunal has found a pharmacist guilty of professional misconduct for a range of acts that breached the Medicines Regulations and the Misuse of Drugs Regulations. The acts included the sale of prescription medicines without prescriptions, failure to maintain a controlled drugs register, and failure to properly label and date medicines. The pharmacist also breached the Pharmacy Council Code of Ethics, including failing to act in accordance with reasonably accepted standards and re-using medicines in a way that created risk to the public. In its penalty decision, the Tribunal found that there was "no option but to order cancellation" finding that the pharmacist had "significantly abused the privileges that go with his registration" and noting that the pharmacist's busy commercial role was no excuse for not properly monitoring his pharmacies. The Tribunal described the pharmacist's disregard for the Regulations as "cavalier" and found that "the public needs protection from a pharmacist such as him". The pharmacist was also ordered to pay costs of more than $50,000. The pharmacist has appealed the Tribunal's decision to the High Court. Mr Katamat (399/Phar10/162P)