Today is the day when wide-ranging changes to the civil court system come into force.

So far as the construction industry is concerned, it should be noted as mentioned in Stuart Thompson's blog dated 5 March 2013, that the new cost provisions will now not automatically apply to claims in the Technology and Construction Court which (without interest) exceed £2million.

Another interesting change is that the limit on claims in the Small Claims Court will increase from £5,000 to £10,000.

Usually in the Small Claims Court, like adjudication, each party pays their own costs whatever the outcome. There may be an advantage in the future to issuing a claim for less than £10,000 in the Small Claims Court, rather than commencing an adjudication, because in an adjudication there is the uncertainty of who will pay the adjudicator's unquantified costs. In the Small Claims Court at least the court fees can be quantified.

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