(a) CN Sector

The 102nd meeting of the CN Sector of the Nomenclature Committee took place on 19 December 2012. The agenda for that meeting included the possible simplification of the structure of heading 9619 (Sanitary towels (pads) and tampons, napkins and napkin liners for babies, and similar articles, of any material), the transposition and update of the CN Explanatory Notes into the 2012 and 2013 Combined Nomenclature, and a draft Regulation amending classification regulations to reflect the 2013 CN.

(b) HS/WCO Coordination

The minutes of the 96th meeting of the HS/WCO Coordination Sector of the Nomenclature Committee which took place on 16 November 2012 have been made available. During that meeting, the Chairman presented the results of the 50th meeting of the HS Committee and the Committee also determined the EU position on the items on the agenda of the 44th meeting of the HS Review Sub-Committee. It also unanimously approved a draft Communication with respect to BTI to reflect HS developments (reported above). The Committee further approved a draft note to the WCO Secretariat regarding a possible misalignment between Note 1(a) to Section XVI (Machinery and mechanical appliances; electrical equipment; parts thereof; sound recorders and reproducers, television image and sound recorders and reproducers, and parts and accessories of such articles) and the Explanatory Notes to heading 84.87 (Machinery parts, not containing electrical connectors, insulators, coils, contacts or other electrical features, not specified or included elsewhere in this chapter).

The 101st meeting of the HS/WCO Coordination Sector took place on 18 December 2012. The report of that meeting has not yet been made available, but topics on the agenda included the post-coordination of the 44th meeting of the HS Review Sub-Committee; a possible amendment of heading 73.18 (fasteners), a possible amendment of the HS Nomenclature for LED products; and a possible amendment of headings 73.04 to 73.06 (steel tubes) and the corresponding Explanatory Notes.

(c) Mechanical/Miscellaneous Sector

The report of the 97th meeting of the Mechanical/Miscellaneous Sector of the Nomenclature Committee that took place on 22-23 November 2012 has recently been made available and shows that the Committee adopted a favourable opinion on draft Regulations with respect to Chapter 95 (Toys, games and sports requisites; parts and accessories thereof), electric breast pumps, and digital media receivers/digital audio streamers.

The Committee also discussed among others, the classification of upper and lower covers for a safety seat-belt buckle, all-terrain vehicles, swivel and fixed castors, wheels as parts of wheelchairs and rollators, Unit Assy (an electronic system for a motor vehicle), components for LCD modules, a body composition analyzer, parts of safety belts, a fun massager, ornamental screws, devices for recording video and still images, small LCD modules and LED lighting products. A state-of-play was given on the work of various Project Groups (chemicals, audio-visual products) and on pending files for certain DVD players and E-tablets. The group also discussed the meaning of the term “electronic assemblies”.

(d) Agriculture/Chemical Sector

The 98th meeting of the Agriculture/Chemical Sector of the Nomenclature Committee took place on 6-7 December 2012. The Committee delivered a favourable opinion on the draft Regulation regarding the classification of mixtures of ethyl alcohol and ETBE. The Committee also examined, inter alia, draft CNENs related to food supplements and “cigars, cheroots and cigarillos”; and the classification of a heavy mineral oil named VGO, granules consisting of calcium carbonate and starch, human recombinant laminin, cat litter, a concentrate for the production of anti-freezing fluid, gas obtained from biomass, and a food supplement called bromelain.

(e) BTI Sector

The 100th meeting of the BTI Sector of the Nomenclature Committee took place on 10-11 December 2012. The Committee discussed, among other technical issues, BTI invalidation codes; as well as BTIs affected by new classification regulations or amendments to the explanatory notes. The Committee further discussed the general state of play of the UCC proposal and the preparation of detailed implementation as regards BTI. There was also a discussion on the efficiency of the BTI system; the Commission announced its intention to carry out an external study on the costs and benefits of possible options for a future vision for the BTI system.