Iron Mountain and De Brauw have co-published the EU Data Retention Guide to help you better understand the legal requirements and records management best practices that are essential for minimising business and litigation risks

We are all faced with an ever-increasing volume of records, including emails and traditional paper documents. And legislation and regulation covering records management is so complex and far-reaching that compliance can become a major challenge, and a drain on your resources. This makes a mandatory retention policy indispensable for minimising business risks and the chance of costly litigation caused either by destroying information before, or retaining it beyond, the end of its legally required retention period.

The EU Data Retention Guide gives you an overview of the regulations governing record retention and relevant legal issues. The quick references help you cut through the complexity and get a clear picture of different record types and their business functions, as well as the legislation that affects them. It also offers practical suggestions to meet challenges.

The EU Data Retention Guide includes:

  • delivering effective and compliant records management
  • best practice to implement a compliant records management programme
  • legal issues that affect your records management
  • a comparative view of record retention periods across Europe

You can download your personal copy at: