Western Technology Services initiated an arbitration against Cauchos Industriales under the parties’ licensing and service agreements, and was awarded the preliminary injunction it sought terminating the contracts. Cauchos moved to vacate that award, and Westech moved for sanctions, asserting Cauchos’ motion to vacate was frivolous. Both motions were denied. However, after a final arbitration award in its favor, Westech thereafter sought to confirm the award in court, and also sought attorneys fees for its enforcement action, based alternatively on the FAA, as well as the parties’ contract. The court rejected both arguments, finding that Cauchos’ earlier attempt to vacate the award was not frivolous under the FAA’s standard for obtaining attorneys fees in an enforcement action, and finding that entitlement to attorneys fees under the contract had been considered and rejected by the arbitration panel, which decision was entitled to deference. Western Tech. Svcs. Int’l., Inc. v. Cauchos Industriales, S.A., Case No. 09-1033 (USDC N.D. Tex. Nov. 16, 2010).