The Court of Justice of the European Union (the “ECJ”) handed down a judgment on a reference for a preliminary ruling from the Hungarian Supreme Court on the application of Article 101 TFEU to agreements between insurance companies and car dealers. The ECJ considered whether the bilateral agreements concerning the price of repairs of insured vehicles concluded between the insurance companies and repair shops have an anti-competitive object and thus harm healthy competition. The ECJ concluded that Article 101 TFEU ought to be interpreted as meaning that these agreements can be considered as a restriction of competition by object, if the concrete and individual assessment of the wording and aim of the agreements and of the relevant economic and legal context makes it obvious that the agreements are by their nature, harmful to the proper functioning of either the car insurance brokerage or car repair service market. Source: Court of Justice of the European Union Press Release 14/3/2013 and Case C-32/11 - Allianz Hungária Biztosító Zrt., Generali-Providencia Biztosító Zrt. and others. v Gazdasági Versenyhivatal, judgment of the ECJ