In June 2019, S&O co-operated with the General Department of Customs and Excise of Cambodia to organize the “Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) Workshop” in Phnom Penh. More than 40 participants from the various Customs units throughout the country attended this training.

At the workshop, over 10 fashion, cosmetic and perfume brands were presented to the officials. The main topic of the training was to present the effective identification methods between the genuine and counterfeits, key manufacturing countries and distribution centers in specific countries. Through some of counterfeit samples and product identification manuals displayed and distributed, the officials can now easily analyze and identify counterfeit products.

Apart from the presentation of S&O, Cambodia Customs shared the knowledge on all aspects of intellectual property rights and the practice of enforcement at the borders. Customs officers of Cambodia expressed their wish to encourage the brand owners and representatives to jointly organize the training as we did on identification of counterfeits in Cambodia more regularly, as many brand owners may not be aware of the Intellectual Property infringements in Cambodia.

In recent years, Cambodia is enjoying fast development of economy and tourist in South East Asia. Therefore, a large number of counterfeit products has been flown into Cambodia to respond to the high demand of not only inhabitants but also foreign travelers. Therefore, in order to make contributions to the anti-counterfeiting activities in Cambodia, the training would be a great opportunity for IP owners and their representatives to discuss enforcement actions with Customs officials.  

The workshop helped S&O with strengthening the relationship with the Customs departments in IP activities. The General Customs Department and Excise of Cambodia expressed their satisfaction in collaborating with S&O and expected continuous cooperation in the future.