On Wednesday, Europe’s Council Presidency approved a compromise agreement, reached by member nations of the European Union (EU), which would institute caps on international wireless roaming rates to go into effect this July. The preliminary deal on the revised rate caps represents the latest prong in EU Telecommunications Commissioner Viviane Reding’s yearlong campaign to slash mobile telephony roaming rates that, according to Reding, far exceed the cost of such calls. In contrast to the original proposal that would have mandated a €0.36 per minute cap on wholesale roaming rates, the council ratified a cap of €0.30 per minute for the first year that would be reduced by €0.02 per minute per year for the next three years. Maximum retail charges would be capped at €0.49 per minute for outgoing calls and at €0.24 per minute for incoming calls, with rates to drop by €0.03 per minute during each of the next three years. Within one month of the effective date of the new law, EU wireless customers would be given the option of retaining their current roaming agreement or switching to the EU tariff. After three months, any customer who remains undecided will be switched automatically to the new EU tariff. The European Parliament is expected to vote on the plan on May 24.