The European Union and Switzerland have launched negotiations aiming at full liberalisation of trade in agriculture. Given their geographical proximity and the volume of bilateral trade, both parties are obvious partners for fully liberalised trade exchanges. Switzerland is the third largest trade partner of the European Union in this sector. In 2007, total EU agro-food exports to Switzerland amounted to EUR 4.7 billion (7 per cent of total EU agro-food exports), whereas the corresponding value of EU imports from Switzerland was EUR 2.7 billion (70 per cent of total Swiss agro-food exports). The upcoming negotiations are a continuation of the liberalisation process, which has been ongoing since the 1972 Free Trade Agreement. In addition to ending tariffs between the two parties, upcoming talks with Switzerland will also focus on non-tariff issues, including food and feed safety. The European Commission believes that the planned liberalisation will facilitate trade exchanges to the benefit of both parties and contribute to the improvement of economic conditions in Europe.