Fulfilling FCC and Justice Department (DOJ) conditions attached to its recent $2.8 billion acquisition of Dobson Communications, AT&T agreed Tuesday to swap various wireless service assets with Verizon Communications, which, in turn, has pledged to divest certain overlapping properties to obtain regulatory approval of its pending $2.6 billion purchase of Rural Cellular Corp. (RCC). Under a DOJ consent decree that was ratified, in part, by the FCC, AT&T agreed to divest overlapping wireless assets held by Dobson in parts of Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Terms of the agreement announced on Tuesday provide for the sale of former Dobson properties in Kentucky to Verizon, which would also receive 10 MHz of personal communications service spectrum “in a number of markets” and an unspecified cash payment from AT&T. In turn, AT&T would acquire from Verizon certain RCC assets held in Vermont, New York, Washington, and Kentucky. Separately, AT&T would sell the Cellular One brand name to Trilogy Partners and would transfer Dobson properties in the states of Texas and Oklahoma to MTPCS LLC. Subject to regulatory approval, the parties hope to complete the transactions by mid- 2008.