Whether you were an ‘in’ or an ‘out’ when it came to the Brexit referendum, there is no denying that for those of us wandering to Europe this summer that have a more sensitive side there is a discernible air of embarrassment when facing our ‘rejected’ European colleagues. Most articles I have read concentrate on the markets but there is a human factor to consider too.

The new Foreign Secretary is now rallying around embracing Europe and those in it but from my encounters with a few Italians on a recent family holiday I am not sure the feeling is mutual given the vote.

That said ‘time is a great healer’ and with time this will no doubt fade. Now that we have a new government the only worry is whether invoking Article 50 is more drawn out than it needs to be creating a more ingrained sense of animosity towards the UK.

There is no doubt that the EU is broken in certain respects. The institutions are undemocratic and overly bureaucratic. On that I am sure all UK voters, and a lot of other Europeans, agree. The disagreement for a lot of us is over the method of fixing it, from within or via a shock of an exit, and ‘taking back control’.

Whatever your view, if in Europe this summer it may be worth dropping the locals an extra smile to show them Brits still want to sing in Europe; and that’s not a reference to the Eurovision Song Contest!