The Court of First Instance (CFI) has revised the fines imposed by the European Commission on BASF and UCB in the framework of the choline chloride cartel case. The Commission had found that the companies in question had participated in cartel arrangements both globally and in Europe and that all of those activities constituted a single and continuous infringement. However, the CFI ruled that, for a number of reasons, the global and European infringements constituted separate infringements and that the companies involved should not be fined for their participation in the global cartel, since that infringement was time-barred. Subsequently, the CFI recalculated the fines imposed on the companies, increasing the fine to BASF by EUR 54,000 (from EUR 34.97 million to EUR 35.02 million), and reducing the fine imposed on UCB from EUR 10.38 million to just EUR 1.87 million.