The Commodity Futures Trading Commission delayed roll-out of a proposed amendment by ICE Futures U.S. to its block trade guidance that would permit the principal parties to a block trade to engage in pre- or anticipatory hedging of the position they believe in “good faith” will result from the “consummation” of a block trade. This ability would not exist for “an intermediary that takes the opposite side of its own Customer order” under IFUS’s proposal. The CFTC requested a delay in IFUS’s roll-out, which had been scheduled to become effective last week, because IFUS’s “submission presents novel or complex issues that require additional time to analyze.” The CFTC will accept public comment on IFUS’s proposal through July 14. IFUS’s proposal will now be effective on September 14 unless the CFTC objects. (Click here for additional information on IFUS’s proposal in the article, “IFUS and ICE Futures Europe Update Block Trade Guidance” in the June 5, 2016 edition of Bridging the Week.)