On April 20, 2015, the Supreme People’s Court of the PRC released the White Paper named “The Status of the Judicial Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in the Chinese Courts (2014)”. Here are some notes and data statistics.

  1. In 2014, the number of first instance administrative intellectual property cases largely grew to a new record of 243.66%. The main reason is with the implementation of the amended Trademark Law, the number of administrative cases of trademark grant and confirmation increased up to 9,190, accounting for 92.67% of the total received first in-stance administrative intellectual property cases.

In 2014, among the 4887 concluded first instance administrative intellectual property cases, 3,422 were affirmed, representing 70%; and among 2,118 concluded second administrative intellectual property cases, 1,877 were affirmed, representing 88.6%.

  1. The courts at different levels strengthened the mediation work before and during the litigation procedures. 65.96% of first instance intellectual property-related civil cases withdrew after mediation, and 29.28% of second instance withdrew, making over 70% of intellectual property civil disputes concluded by mediation and withdrawn.

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