The Employee Study and Training (Eligibility, Complaints and Remedies) Regulations 2010 and the Employee Study and Training (Procedural Requirements) Regulations 2010 come into force on 6 April 2010. These set out the detail of the new right for employees to request time off to undertake study or training but will only apply to employees of employers with 250 or more employees from 6 April 2010. It is expected to be extended to all employees from April 2011. The Tribunal can award up to 8 weeks’ pay for any procedural breach of the Regulations. The Regulations contain details of what an employer needs to do if they receive a request which closely follows the statutory flexible working procedure including a meeting with the employee to consider their request and a right of appeal. An employee must have been employed for at least 26 weeks before they can make an application. The amount of time allowed off is at the discretion of the employer and they have no right to payment during the training or study period.