On October 14, 2016, President Obama issued a Policy Directive – United States-Cuba Normalization. In the Directive, the President stated the following long term end-sate goals:

  1. Enhanced security of the United States and U.S. citizens at home and abroad.
  2. A prosperous, stable Cuba that offers economic opportunities to its people.
  3. Increased respect for individual rights in Cuba. Even as we pursue normalization, we recognize we will continue to have differences with the Cuban government.
  4. Integration of Cuba into international and regional systems.

To advance the four end-state goals associated with the Administration’s strategic vision for U.S.-Cuba normalization, the President said the United States will move concurrently on the following six priority objectives:

  1. Government-to-Government Interaction
  2. Engagement and Connectivity
  3. Expanded Commerce
  4. Economic Reform
  5. Respect for Universal Human Rights, Fundamental Freedoms, and Democratic Values
  6. Cuban Integration into International and Regional Systems

The Directive requires various agencies and departments to cooperate and collaborate with Cuba where possible to achieve these objectives and encourages Congress to build support to contribute to normalization by lifting the trade embargo and other statutory restraints.